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“THE MILLER’S ART, in Italy, has always been handed down from father to son, from generation to generation, jealously keeping all the secrets of every single grain of wheat.
This is how grandfather Giuseppe taught the first rudiments of this craft to his son Gianfranco at a very early age, and so it has also been for Giuseppe and Lucia, who now represent the third generation.”

The history of Semolerie Giuseppe Sacco & Figli Srl traces its roots to a land that has always been dedicated to growing durum wheat. The area at the confluence of the Molise and Campania valleys in the Tavoliere delle Puglie region – Lucera, near Foggia – enjoys a Mediterranean climate characterised by long hot summers and mild winters. The first production plant was opened in 1962 with the foundation of Molini Giuseppe Sacco & Figli Srl: a business initiative with solid foundations based on passion for work and commitment.


The new plant has a total capacity of about 45,000 metric tonnes, with daily milling of 600 tonnes, for a total of about 180,000 tonnes per year. The mill is a state-of-the-art facility where technology designed to enhance the quality of the final product co-exists with state-of-the-art machinery that optimizes cleaning and separation of grains other than wheat.

Today, Semolerie Giuseppe Sacco & Figli emerges as a company boasting a tradition based on history and commitment yet equally ready to project itself assuredly into the market of the third millennium.


Semolerie Giuseppe Sacco & Figli is the present-day extension of the finest cereal-growing traditions handed down from father to son.

Over time, the company has maintained its bond with the land, while also integrating the most modern production methods and factory premises embodying cutting-edge technology, complete with sophisticated computerized machinery controlled by qualified personnel.

The new industrial complex meets all the needs of a modern milling industry and also minimizes the risk of contamination of raw materials and finished products. The building was designed around first-in first-out concepts so that outgoing materials never cross paths with incoming materials, since processes are rationally divided into independent departments. Even the site of the parking and vehicle manoeuvring depot was designed so that slopes ensure good rainwater run-off, while the building with offices, meeting room and the caretaker’s quarters is separate from production process.

Semolerie Giuseppe Sacco & Figli srl.

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